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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Store in Chehalis, WA

Not too long ago, synthetic flooring was frowned upon by some. Much has changed today, and we think it’s for the better. Modern-day luxury vinyl flooring is all about embracing possibilities. At I-5 Carpet One Floor & Home in Chehalis, Washington, your regional flooring specialists, we show you all the latest and greatest in luxury vinyl flooring and help you select products that are perfect additions to your home or office.


Luxury vinyl makes it easy to enjoy all the visuals you love, with less upkeep and a lower upfront investment compared to natural flooring. High-definition digital printing has advanced in recent years, so many modern vinyl products boast ultra-realistic top layers that look just like actual hardwood or tile. Available in sheets, planks, and tiles, today’s luxury vinyl is made for your busy life. Continue reading to get answers to all your burning answers on luxury vinyl flooring.




Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

While shopping for new flooring you should always ask yourself the following important questions. What’s the general climate like? Do you have a large, active family? Check out our kid-friendly flooring options. Are you fond of pets? Look at our pet-friendly flooring options. Luxury vinyl flooring is designed to withstand daily wear and moisture and is resistant to scratching. This helps to make it more durable than most other natural flooring options.



What Is Luxury Vinyl Plank?

Made from synthetic materials that are constructed together in an artificial hardwood plank, these floors are exceptionally strong. At the surface, each vinyl plank has a thick, urethane-based wear layer that offers superior scratch and dent resistance. Below that, there’s a decorative layer that showcases a variety of wood-look visuals like hickory, mahogany, maple, and oak. With varying sizes available, it’s easy to create a convincing design, based on your favorite hardwood styles. Since it’s made from synthetic materials, rather than real wood, luxury vinyl flooring certainly is more:


What is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

With luxury vinyl tile flooring you can have your favorite ceramic, porcelain, or stone look without the cost! Similar to planks, luxury vinyl tile is manufactured and constructed to look like tile. LVT comes in all the sizes, shapes, colors, and designs as traditional tile, so you never have to sacrifice the look you love. Most of our luxury vinyl tile options are 100% waterproof and in addition to being able to authentically replicate tile, luxury vinyl tiles are:


Is Luxury Vinyl Waterproof?

While all luxury vinyl flooring is water-resistant, only a portion of it is considered 100% waterproof. Two waterproof luxury vinyl options are rigid core and WPC. Both would work great in your bathroom, finished basement, or laundry room, as well as for commercial uses. Modern vinyl floors are unbelievably durable. They can handle humidity, spills, heavy foot traffic, appliances, furniture, and much more, all while looking flawless. Our waterproof vinyl floors have a durable wear layer that’s fast-drying and easy to clean. The thicker the wear layer, the stronger the floor usually is. Additionally, waterproof vinyl planks and tiles have leak-tight seams and a stabilizing core structure that prevents the floor from warping.



Where Can You Install Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Not only can you use luxury vinyl flooring in all your typical rooms in commercial and residential areas, but you can also install it where natural floors aren’t recommended due to moisture – looking at you, hardwood – like in kitchens and bathrooms. It’s also a great choice for busy settings like restaurants, downtown offices, and property rentals because you can have a high-end-looking floor without the high cost and risk of wear.


Depending on the product you choose, luxury vinyl flooring can go anywhere indoors. That’s not to say it doesn’t pay to choose your products carefully. A waterproof plank with a wood-inspired pattern, for example, is a great method of keeping your bath area consistent with your existing hardwood. With thousands of options to choose from, there are luxury vinyl picks to suit every style, whether trendy or traditional, and for all budget ranges.



Is there Luxury Vinyl Flooring Near Me?

Yes! There is an incredible selection of luxury vinyl flooring in Chehalis, Washington, waiting for you right here at I-5 Carpet One Floor & Home. It’s our mission to help you pick your perfect floor, and our flooring professionals are homeowners just like you, so they can help you find the best floor for your lifestyle and needs. At I-5 Carpet One Floor & Home, we have a great selection of vinyl flooring for every lifestyle, budget, and design need.


We’re part of one of the largest independent flooring store cooperatives, so we can share our unmatched buying power and prices. Here, you’ll find all your familiar and beloved flooring brands, as well as Carpet One exclusive brands. Come to our store, or for those of us who can’t wait, you can check out our luxury vinyl flooring online now.




Learn More About Luxury Vinyl



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How Do You Care for Luxury Vinyl Flooring?


One of our favorite things about luxury vinyl is its minimal care requirements. Still, we definitely recommend doing your part to keep your new floor in its prime.




Luxury Vinyl Warranties


Our competitive warranty packages will help your luxury vinyl live a longer, functional life- no matter what the future might hold.




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