• Oct 11, 2013
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Designer Profile: James Davie


James M. Davie Design Inc. is a comprehensive design firm specializing in residential interiors. It’s principal, James M. Davie, moved to New York City in 2001 to attend the Parson’s School of Design; from which he graduated in 2003.  During his 9 years of work experience in New York he worked for some of the most highly respected design firms in the industry; most notably S. R. Gambrel Inc.; at which he spent the last 7 years.  Having assisted in the design of dozens of magnificent properties in New York City, the Hamptons, and Europe, James in 2012 moved back to his hometown of Toronto Canada in order to bring a new level of design and aesthetic to the Canadian marketplace.  His firm is able to fully meet your design needs from architectural conception to decorative completion and prides itself on being able to work closely with architects, contractors and tradespeople to make your home into a true showpiece.



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